July 2018 Results

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With the first full month under my belt, so to say, I have some actual results on Trucking For Dividends. For starters, I did actually make a couple bucks in dividends, $2.18 to be exact! This represents a whopping 90.83% increase over June. Keep in mind that I started this portfolio on June 11, 2018, so that statistic really isn’t all that important.

I started this journey with 40 odd stocks and an ETF last month. I grew my portfolio to a staggering 110 +/- positions and with a cost basis of $370! I also said last month that I didn’t know what I was doing yet, but that I needed to trim the number of holdings down. I am currently at 64 unique positions in both my STASH IRA and my M1 Finance taxable account.

I will eventually be moving my IRA over to M1 Finance, hopefully before September is over. I’d prefer to not pay Stash $2.00 a month to hold my positions for me. Now, before anyone chastises me for my balances, please note that I know my IRA should have a much higher balance than my taxable accounts at this time, but hindsight is 20/20 and I am working on maxing out my IRA contributions.

So, with all that rambling being said, I will say again, between my IRA (which I will include from now on in these blog posts), and my M1 Finance account I have 64 unique positions. I will only sell a position off if it no longer meets my criteria:

  • Must pay a regular and consistent dividend.
  • Maintains or increases its dividend payment year over year.
  • Using the BetterInvesting.org model for growth and income (as best as I understand), have a “Buy” or “Hold” rating with an upside downside ration of at least 3:1.
  • Portfolio will be evaluated and adjusted on a quarterly basis.


You will notice that I changed a graph, added my IRA (Stash Retire) account, show a prediction of future dividend payments, and made a few other minor changes to this recap of my spreadsheet. As all good things, it is a work in progress.

I have opened and made contributions to both my STASH Retire account a total of $366.71 between June and July. While I have yet to be paid a dividend in that account, I do have an “unrealized gain” of $0.44 (0.12%)!!! WOOHOO!!! Off to a great start!

As far as my taxable M1 Finance account (all the other “portfolios”), I added $459.61 to my cost basis. This cost basis includes paid dividends that have been reinvested. The exciting part of this portfolio is actually seeing income paid to me, $2.38 Year to date!!! I am actually making money while I sleep!!! This is cool!!! I didnt even do anything except buy some pieces of some companies!

I know that a total value of $1180 across 64 stocks & ETFs is spread thin. I am still working on fine tuning my holdings (the goal of 50-60 still stands), as I continue to add money whenever I find some that isn’t claimed by a bill of one type or another. That being said, I am sending most of my money to those nasty credit card companies. Once they are paid off, a little over $500 a month will be freed up to begin Trucking For Dividends! I cannot wait for that day to see the explosion my accounts.

I am still at an impasse on how I want to apply new monies and dividends. With the M1 Finance and with STASH Retire, all dividends are applied to the cash account. I can then spread the paid dividends and new money however I wish. However, in M1 Finance, I have a few options with the cash account. I can either manually invest the money into individual stocks and ETFs with a minimum of $10 per transaction, or I can set it to “autoinvest” which will act to rebalance the portfolio based on set percentages of each piece. For now, sometimes I set the cash account to “autoinvest”, and other times I manually invest the funds. I just cannot decide.

So anyway, until next month, keep on trucking!


About TruckerDerek

I am a self employed truck driver. I haul freight across the 48 contiguous states. I have always been fascinated by the power of the stock market. I have made a personal goal to be financially independent within 15 years (That will be June of 2033), at which time I will be retired at the ripe age of 61 (give or take a year). I plan to be debt free, and have saved enough money in dividend producing investments so that my wife and I will not have to work and will be able to live a comfortable life.
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6 Responses to July 2018 Results

  1. Hey Derek. Good move to start this portfolio. Knowing action is needed and which strategy suits your character is essential for long term investing success. Keep investing regularly, because every dollar counts and if you start experiencing the compounding effect, man, your growth numbers really start to skyrocket! 👍

    Looking forward to read about your progress. Good luck with your picks.

    • TruckerDerek says:

      Thank for the feedback. I feel that I will be tweeting this a little more to get it where I want it to be for long term growth.

      I can’t wait to start seeing those big dividend “check”.

  2. Hey TruckerDerek!

    Liking the piechart and your portfolio is making nice progress, but dude! $500 in monthly credit card bills is huge! Take a look at The Dave Ramsey Show on youtube, all about paying off debt and how to do it.

    I try to invest £500 per month too, and you wouldn’t believe how fast the income grows! I’m talking 15-20% a year! This comes from roughly 10% with strong dividend increases, 2-4% when reinvesting that income into the 2-4% yielding stocks, and finally the fresh capital providing the 3-6%.

    Just stick with it, you can do it!


    • TruckerDerek says:

      Thank for the feedback. I too feel that the pie chart makes a nice picture of where my money is working for me.

      The $500 per month is actually due to an accelerated (Dave Ramsey) payoff schedule. I expect to be credit card free in about 18 months. I am tired of being a slave to credit cards.

  3. Derek good job. We all had to start somewhere and you took the first step many don’t. You have a great start and I look forward to following your journey.

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