A Serious Lack of Updates

I apologize to my 2 or 3 followers (someday maybe there will be more), but I have been busy fixing my portfolio’s and spreadsheets into something more manageable than the 50+ stocks that I owned a factional share of each.

A few more days (or maybe weeks) of tweaking my spreadsheet and I will try (no promises) to update and post on a somewhat regular basis. My day job must take priority.


About TruckerDerek

I am a self employed truck driver. I haul freight across the 48 contiguous states. I have always been fascinated by the power of the stock market. I have made a personal goal to be financially independent within 15 years (That will be June of 2033), at which time I will be retired at the ripe age of 61 (give or take a year). I plan to be debt free, and have saved enough money in dividend producing investments so that my wife and I will not have to work and will be able to live a comfortable life.
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4 Responses to A Serious Lack of Updates

  1. OthalaFehu says:

    Hey there Derek, you should allow for comments on more of your boards, you will get the hang wordpress the more you use it. I used to hold GE, but since they dropped their dividend recently, I dropped them. Not much reason for GE on a dividend portfolio nowadays. Thoughts?

  2. OthalaFehu says:

    Also, here is a great resource for dividend portfolios, check out the blogroll at; http://divhut.com/blogroll/ and https://dividendsdiversify.com/templates/good-reads/

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