Favorite Links

Soon this page will have links for various sites and apps that I find useful in my journey.  Here are a few just to get started. Any links that have a referral bonus will be annotated as such.

BetterInvesting is a good educational site for new “long term” investors. Their philosophy is “buy and hold”. They do offer some free services as well as paid services. I believe they are a non-profit organization.

M1 Finance is my favorite to build a dividend portfolio (which is what this blog is about). It allows systematic deposits, customizable portfolios, partial share purchases, etc. The only major drawback (which is minor, since there are no commissions or fees), is that trades (buy & sell), only happen once a day (at about 9:30 am EST on days that the market is open). There is referral bonus if you open and fund an account using the link I provided, both the you and I will have our accounts credited $10.00. I like free money!

Robinhood is an app on smartphones and laptops/tablets that allows you to trade stocks and ETFs without paying commissions on trades. This app is completely free!  If you use the link here, both of use will get 1 free share of a random stock upon account open and funding. Thats like free money, and sometimes they give away good stocks! My first referral, I received a share of Apple (valued at the time at about $167.00!!!

STASH is a smartphone app that I currently use for my IRA and my wife’s IRA. They also offer taxable and custodial accounts. The administrative/maintenance fees are very small ($1.00 per month for regular taxable accounts, $2.00 per month for IRA accounts). This is a great place for beginners (like me) to start investing. With a few questions, they will present a selections of ETFs and stocks to invest in. They offer partial share investing and DRiPs. They allow deposits in any amounts and automatic deposits (Autostash). While the number of companies is currently small, they are constantly adding new funds and stocks to pick from.

Seeking Alpha – Free news, filings, reports, information, and analysis of stocks and ETFs.

Please stay tuned as I will be updating as needed.