Investing Criteria & Goals

I am going to use this page to list my investing criteria goals. I need the criteria to help me determine if I actually want to invest my hard earned dollars into a particular company or ETF.

To achieve these goals, I have an evolving set of criteria that I will use.

  1. I will use due diligence in researching quality growth stocks that pay dividends.
  2. I will continuously deposit available money into my portfolios so that I can purchase these quality stocks.
  3. I will continuously monitor my portfolio and make adjustments on as needed and warranted, but at least quarterly.
  4. Each stock or ETF in my portfolio must pay a regular and consistent dividend or royalty. Additionally, it must maintain or increase that payment year over year.
  5. Using the Better Investing model for growth and income (as best as I understand) select and hold stocks that have a “Buy” or “Hold” rating and an upside downside ration of at least 3:1.

Goals are an essential tool for achieving completion or success. I will annotate goals with a date completed and maybe even a special blog post. This list of goals will constantly be amended as goals are achieved and new goals are needed

  • Buy a share of a quality stock entirely with dividends (no new money).
  • Be paid $10.00 in dividends in one month.
  • Be paid $25.00 in dividends in one month.
  • Be paid $50.00 in dividends in one month.
  • Be paid $100.00 in dividends in one month.
  • Max out my IRA Contribution (Current max contribution is $5,500.00 per year).
  • Achieve an IRA Balance of $10,000.00.




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